Important Messages

MSCA’s Montessori National Curriculum consultation minimum expectations:

  • Introduction with intent.
  • Terms of Reference for the MNC Consultation including Aims, Scope and decision-making process with criteria for change.
  • Period of review ie. Every 3 years for each subject or every six years for the whole curriculum etc.
  • Detailed timeline of the consultation process, assessment, and implementation.
  • Key consultation groups detailed including:
    – trainers and teachers and their required qualifications;
    – representatives from every cycle or stage;
    – representatives from every subject area for the adolescent program;
    – independent and government schools and centres in all states;
    – International experts;
    – Torres Strait Island and Western Desert representatives;
    – parents;
    – other stakeholders
  • The decision-making groups and their required qualifications.
  • Template of questions and feedback information required.
  • Review process for comparison with other Montessori curriculums.
  • Final format of the updated MNC with rationale.