MSCA’s Montessori National Curriculum
consultation minimum expectations:

  1. Introduction with intent.
  2. Terms of Reference for the MNC Consultation including Aims, Scope and decision-making process with criteria for change.
  3. Period of review ie. Every 3 years for each subject or every six years for the whole curriculum etc.
  4. Detailed timeline of the consultation process, assessment, and implementation.
  5. Key consultation groups detailed including:
    – trainers and teachers and their required qualifications;
    – representatives from every cycle or stage;
    representatives from every subject area for the adolescent program;
    – independent and government schools and centres in all states;
    – International experts;
    – Torres Strait Island and Western Desert representatives;
    – parents;
    – other stakeholders
  6. The decision-making groups and their required qualifications.
  7. Template of questions and feedback information required.
  8. Review process for comparison with other Montessori curriculums.
  9. Final format of the updated MNC with rationale.