Membership Benefits

The benefits of joining MSCA include:

  • Being part of a collegiate network of Montessori Schools and Centres;
  • Two way networks and professional development opportunities from Australian, top-quality, highly experienced providers, for all involved in the operation of schools and centres;
  • Discounted member prices for events, which extend to all school and centre staff; **
  • Support for practitioners in their day to day work to provide quality Montessori Programs for children and staff across Australia and the world;
  • Having access to the Montessori Hub which provides a plethora of documentation that can be utilised and modified to suit your Montessori setting;
  • MSCA is a national body designed to support you and link you to current work in Montessori practise.
  • As a democratic peak body, your voice will be heard.

** Given the global pandemic, MSCA has not been charging for most of our 2020 events. From 2021, membership discounts will apply.


Mission, Vision & Values


To advance education by promoting the pedagogical principles and practice formulated by Dr Maria Montessori for the full development of the human being.


To unite & serve the Montessori community in its endeavour to educate for peace.


Respect & Caring
Trust, Integrity & Patience
Transparency & Accountability
Collaboration & Consultation
Inclusive & Openness

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