Object & Mission

Education and Learning

We endeavour to inspire and guide the stability and expansion of genuine Montessori practice. We support the training and professional development of Montessori educators and value working with our members as partners in the ongoing education of their staff and stakeholders. We aim to provide quality professional development and deliver our Genuine Montessori Pathway to encourage collaborative practices and professional discussion, reflection and growth.

  • TO IMPROVE and maintain Montessori skills by supporting training, professional development, and mentorship
  • TO SUPPORT authentic practice through the Genuine Montessori Pathway
  • TO FACILITATE the creation and full accessibility to curriculum documents, mapping structures, and other curriculum resources for the Montessori community
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Community and Connection

We value collaboration, inclusivity, and consultation. Our members experience being part of a community-established representative organisation and are encouraged to engage with our strategic directions, professional development, and networks, including The Montessori Hub. We aim to provide access to valuable resources for leaders, educators, board directors, and parents.

  • TO ESTABLISH strategic, systematic structures to be able to grow and develop Montessori
  • TO PROVIDE high quality learning opportunities for educators, parents, boards and educational leaders
  • TO FACILITATE sustainable Montessori networks
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Business and Governance


We aim to implement and maintain effective and robust policies, transparent procedures and processes, and a diverse, professional board of community representatives. Our professional organisation offers competitive membership fees and relevant, affordable events, helping to sustain the operations of MSCA into the future.

  • TO ENSURE the continued viability of the organisation
  • TO RETAIN and increase membership of MSCA
  • TO MAINTAIN professional and transparent governance practices
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Representation and Promotion

We champion Montessori education for the benefit of our society. We aim to dispel myths and increase understanding of genuine Montessori practice, pedagogy, and philosophy. Building relationships with government and educational institutions to support our mission is central to how we represent and promote MSCA and Montessori.

  • TO GROW unprompted awareness of genuine Montessori
  • TO BUILD the reputation of MSCA
  • TO INCREASE engagement with Montessori and MSCA
  • TO REPRESENT Montessori on the national stage

Our Mission

We inspire and guide the stability and expansion of genuine Montessori practice.

Our Vision

We envision a sustainable, just and peaceful world where custodians of tomorrow engage, contribute, and thrive.

Our Values

Collaboration & Connection Inclusive, Receptive, Supportive Integrity & Accountability Trust & Transparency Respect