Punished by Rewards?

Rewards and punishments are both ways of manipulating behaviour. They are two forms of doing things to students. And to that extent, all of the research that says its counterproductive to say to students, "do this or here is what im going to do to you" also applies to saying, "do this and you'll get that" Ed Deci and Rich Ryan at the university of Rochester are right when they call rewards "control through seduction" -Alfie Kohn

Punished by Rewards? REWARDS: Punishment, motivation, or compliance…? Read this article excerpt from our recent newsletter to find out more about why Alfie Kohn thinks children are punished by rewards. […]

The Four Planes of Development – A Tool for Parents

Dr. Montessori spoke about four planes of development. A child passes from 0-6 to 6-12 to 12-18 and to 18-24. The child is almost like a new child in each of these planes.

The Four Planes of Development – A Tool for Parents This article has been republished from The Montessori Notebook, Simone Davies’ website. You can follow on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.     A […]

The Four Planes of Development

The Four Planes of Development Maria Montessori identified four planes, or periods, of human development. Carine Robin from The Montessori Family provides a brief overview: Click here to read the […]

Maths: The Binomial Cube Explained

Maths: The Binomial Cube Explained   The Binomial Cube is one of those amazing Montessori materials. It introduces abstract maths concept to children as young as four-years-old without them even knowing […]

Montessori: What is Independence?

Young child hangs up washing on a clothes line

Montessori: What is Independence?   In Montessori and in particular Montessori in the home, the focus is often on fostering independence. We know we should be supporting the child’s independence […]