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Banksia Montessori School

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Banksia Montessori School is an Independent School located in the friendly suburb of Dianella in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. We run a quality driven Montessori program for children between 3 and 6 years of age.

All our children are given the opportunity to learn in a nurturing and inviting environment. Our goal for each child is to realise their unique potential. We provide an enriching environment where our educators are guided by Montessori philosophy and pedagogy. Independence, creativity and mindfulness are encouraged in a non-competitive environment.

Everything in the classroom is child-sized and easy to reach and the outdoor environment includes a wonderful musical cubby house. The environment encourages respect and facilitates the development of self-discipline, self-motivation and concentration. This leads to a natural love of learning.

Teaching and observations within the classroom assist with the children’s learning. Educators plan learning programs and give small group and individual lessons. Progress records are kept allowing revision and extension.

Our classroom runs a multi-aged program which spans all three years. This allows the children to develop academic and social skills at their own rate. On entry your child will experience being one of the younger children in the class and as he/she gets older and more confident, they will reinforce their learning by assisting their younger peers, to complete tasks they have already mastered.

At Banksia Montessori we value relationships between and within all the members of our school community including children, parents, staff and our hardworking council. We enjoy a connected school community, appreciative of the valuable contributions made by everyone in it. We value the principles of Montessori education and deliver a program true to Montessori philosophy with honesty and integrity.

We look forward to each child’s journey within our safe and secure environment and we promise to provide each member of our school community a wonderful journey, by actively listening, communicating and sharing the education of their child.

17 Chatton Street, Dianella, WA 6059, Australia

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