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The Montessori method to childcare is to create an environment that is happy, safe and tender so that any child can flourish.

Montessori for Kindy aged children (i.e. for children ages 2 ½ – 6) encourages children at daycare to explore and discover, to collaborate with classmates, and to take ownership of their education. The Montessori Method for childcare encourages self-directed learning that promotes self-confidence, independent thought and action, and critical thinking, while fostering social-emotional and intellectual growth.

In a Pearl Montessori Daycare classroom, highly trained teachers create an environment that is tailored to not only a teacher’s style and strengths but also for the children attending that classroom.

This approach to learning is “hands-on.” Dr. Maria Montessori believed (and modern science has affirmed) that moving and learning are inseparable. In the prepared classroom, children work with specially designed mouldable materials that invite exploration and engage the senses in the process of learning.

All learning activities support children in choosing meaningful and challenging work at their own interest and ability level. This child-directed engagement strengthens motivation, supports attention, and encourages responsibility.

Solid blocks of teaching and lessons (typically 2+ hours in length) allow children to work at their own pace and fully immerse themselves in an activity without interruption.

At Pearl Montessori, a child’s learning cycle involves selecting an activity, performing it for as long it remains interesting, cleaning up the activity and retuning it to the shelf, and making another work choice.

A Pearl Montessori Childcare classroom feels more like a home than a typical daycare class. Very few desks, but instead, kids working in small groups at tables or on the floor. Materials and educational tools are easily displayed and reached by little hands. One of the things that the kids love to do is use the lifelike kitchen with cooking and preparing equipment to prepare their own foods.  Teachers gently guide students to keep the kitchen clean and organised. This teaches the children, responsibility and the importance of cleaning and caring for materials.

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