If we truly consider education to be the development of latent possibilities, rather than using the word education, we should adopt another: cultivation. The educator must cultivate the potentialities existing in the child, so they may develop and expand. It is essential to take advantage of this highly sensitive period in the life of the human being if, indeed, humanity is to improve.

Maria Montessori in Citizen of the World, p. 76

In 2022 we are very excited to offer our members the opportunity to participate in the Genuine Montessori Pathway (GMP). Rather than an accreditation program, the GMP has been designed to guide schools and centres through a process of self-study, reflection, planning and ongoing assessment.


The goals of the pathway are to:

  • Improve genuine Montessori practices in schools and centres.
  • Support the whole school/centre community to engage in reflection and enhanced Montessori practice.
  • Strengthen teamwork.
  • Improve the way schools and centres allocate their resources.
  • Support schools and centres to engage in strategic planning.
  • Ensure that each participating school or centre’s purpose statement will be evident in all aspects of its work.

Rationale for Self-Study

Many schools and centres worldwide undertake a self-study as a regular strategy to assure quality practices. Montessori schools and centres are fortunate to have a wealth of guidance that emanates from the long-established principles developed by Maria Montessori and the well-defined methodology that supports those principles. Educators who closely adhere to Montessori principles are on a genuine pathway towards authentic practice. We recognise that everyone is at a different stage, and the Genuine Montessori Pathway is designed to provide tailored, customised support to small centres, large schools, and everything in between.

The Genuine Montessori Pathway Logo

Schools and centres that apply to enter their Genuine Montessori Pathway may receive the GMP logo to display at their school or on their website. Participants will also be listed on the MSCA website. The GMP logo signals to the wider community that your school or centre is committed to working on a pathway of growth and improvement toward genuine Montessori practice. Participants who satisfy all requirements of the self-study will be able to display a ‘completion’ logo. Rather than indicating completion of the pathway, this will signify that participants have completed all components necessary for ongoing work towards genuine Montessori practice.

Express Your Interest Now

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