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Special Needs Teacher
We are looking for a qualified school teacher to join our team at Warrah Specialist School, based in Dural, NSW. Our school offers quality and individualised education for students with moderate to severe disabilities, from Kindergarten to Year 12. Our innovative outdoor classroom curriculum offers educational and vocational programs, in the Steiner tradition of learning. Learning is fostered through engaging students in a range of practical tasks including woodwork, weaving, music, drama, farming, gardening and life skills programs. Our caring and supportive school is the only Steiner based Specialist school in Australia, offering Education with a Difference. https://warrahspecialistschool.nsw.edu.au/
We seek an experienced tertiary qualified teacher who aligns with our Rudolf Steiner philosophy and is committed to delivering individual education plans to our students. This position includes face-to-face teaching, delivery of craft lessons, lesson planning, involvement in school meetings, events and school professional activities.
Warrah Specialist School is a small school set in a rural property and is part of a broader organisation – Warrah Society. Warrah Society is a not-for-profit (registered charity), community based organisation supporting individuals with a disability in a range of services and settings. We remain committed to the vision of our founding families and to creating and connecting to community life.
If you are interested in making a positive difference to the lives of the students at Warrah, please apply using our online careers portal https://warrah.org.au/positions-vacant/ or email recruitment@warrah.org.au for further information.

To apply for this job email your details to pkramer@warrahspecialistschool.nsw.edu.au.