In line with our democratic principles, MSCA is pleased to host a Montessori Summit.

As we value collaboration, inclusivity and consultation, we want to listen and respond to the needs of the Australian Montessori community.

We want to hear from you!

All educators, leaders, trainers and interested parties are invited to attend.



We still want to hear your thoughts on these important topics. Please contribute your ideas below. 

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Montessori Summit Contribution

Please contribute your thoughts, ideas, concerns or suggestions to any of the Focus Areas below. For each Focus Area, please consider relationships with government and educational institutions. Prompts are provided as examples only, not to guide your answers.
Which sector do you work in or associate with?

Example prompts: What opportunities do we have to coordinate our efforts to brand and market Montessori? What strategies have been effective? (advertising, events, social media, etc.)
Example prompts: How can we ensure a sustainable pool of educators? What programs and strategies are available for strengthening the skills and capacities of our current staff?
Example prompts: How does the community at large view Montessori education now? Are recent trends in education steering the community closer to Montessori? How can Montessori be brought into the discussions about the future of education? How do we wish to place ourselves as an education model in the future?
Considering how our community is spread across a vast land, are there ways we could network more easily? What connections are important to you? What methods of communication and networking work?