The Montessori Workshop is where we explore an aspect of the Montessori approach. It may be a deep dive into:

  • Montessori principles, which are the intangible/invisible aspects of Montessori. These include, but are not limited to independence, intrinsic motivation, growth mindsets, grace and courtesy, and self-discipline.


  • A particular job or material in a classroom. Montessori jobs are more than just what you see; a whole range of processes are built into how they are undertaken, including the Montessori principles they teach through their engagement!

Maths: The Binomial Cube explained

The Binomial Cube is one of those amazing Montessori materials. It introduces abstract maths concept to children as young as four-years-old without them even knowing it. The early sensorial experience with the cube […]

A Montessori Teacher’s Approach to Picture Books in the Classroom

Picture books are my jam! I love everything about them. So much so that I self-published my own, Carl the Cantankerous Cat. Crazy, I know! As an elementary Montessori teacher, […]

Montessori: What is Independence?

In Montessori and in particular Montessori in the home, the focus is often on fostering independence. We know we should be supporting the child’s independence but why, what is it […]

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