AMI Montessori At Home Parent Workshop

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Supporting your 0-3 child in the home

Program Overview 

This is a 9-hour Association Montessori International (AMI) course designed specifically for parents and carers. AMI Trainer, Heidi Philippart, considers how parents and carers can foster a home environment that supports the natural development of the child from the ages 0 to 3 and supports the child to reach their full potential.   

Heidi explores: 

  1. an introduction to essential Montessori principles of infant development 

  2. key skills we need to care for babies and small children 

  3. how to decide if development is ‘on track’ and what we can do if we are worried 

  4. common obstacles that can be removed to support a child to develop to their full potential 

Supporting you to support families 

This course will help your parents and carers to better understand the fundamental principles of Montessori in the early years and how they can support their child’s development at home. We also welcome educators who work with families with children under the age of 3 to attend. This will aid in their communication with families and ensure a consistent approach. 

Full details can be found via the link below. 

AMI Parent Engagement Workshop 

Course Details 

Dates: Saturday 6, 20 and 27 January 2024

Times: 4-7 pm AEDT 

Delivery: Via Zoom

Time zones can be checked here: Date and Time Converter

Access to sessions
There are two ways in which participants can gain access to the sessions for this workshop;
  1. Attend the live, online sessions at the scheduled times for a minimum of 90% of the time and participants will receive an AMI certificate of attendance.
  2. View the recordings from the sessions within two weeks of the scheduled session, these participants will not receive a certificate.

Whichever option participants choose, everyone will be given access to the recordings for 2 weeks following each session. Those who attended the sessions in person will also have access to the recordings along with those who choose not to attend. We strongly encourage live attendance as Heidi will be answering questions that will not be recorded.  

The cost for live attendance or viewing the recordings is exactly the same.
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