Childhood Potential:
Online Montessori Conference

Are you a new parent, seeking to adopt the best parenting practices to raise your new child?

Are you a caregiver of young children, looking for ways to foster independence and kindness?

Are you an experienced educator, who is looking for developmentally appropriate activities and tools to add to your classroom?

Join the Childhood Potential online Montessori conference! The Montessori Method is a holistic approach that can be used to help babies and children grow into independent, empathetic, life long learners. This free, virtual conference will provide you with information about implementing this approach into your home or classroom. 

The conference gathers Montessori experts from around the world for three days of information-packed sessions exploring Montessori babies, toddlers, and young children, is completely free of charge and accessible virtually from anywhere in the world.

What can you expect?

Day 1: The Montessori Child

The first day will be focused on the heart of our work, the child. Learn about the developmental stages of children aged from birth to six, and how to support them in growing into kind, empathetic, and independent children. You’ll gain knowledge and tips on managing emotions, supporting development, and more! 

Day 2: The Montessori Parent

To be a prepared parent is essential in raising a Montessori child. Navigating emotions, responding to behaviour, and adopting a Montessori mindset will help you to foster proper development and growth in your child. Day 2 will be primarily focused on supporting the parents and adults who create the environment for children to thrive.

Day 3: The Montessori Environment

One of the most important aspects of Montessori principles and practices is the prepared environment. The third day will be focused on how to best set up your environment to foster the growth and development of your child. If you are setting up a nursery or a classroom, or looking for recommendations on toys to provide–learn from experienced educators, parents, and experts and leave with the confidence to prepare your space using Montessori practices.

Regardless of where you are on your Montessori journey, this conference will answer questions, deepen your understanding, and give you the confidence to create an environment for your child to thrive in.