Calling all educators, leaders, trainers and interested parties

The Montessori Summit is a gathering of stakeholders associated with Montessori education in Australia. The purpose is to gather information by listening to the Montessori community about important themes affecting our schools and centres.

Four focus areas have been established for the day, with additional topics informing each discussion area. The outcomes of these strategic conversations will then be collated to identify, inform and plan Montessori’s next steps and future directions in Australia. We invite all interested parties to come along and contribute to these meaningful discussions.

There will be an optional dinner the night before on Thursday, 19th January with a special guest, so please consider this when planning attendance. We will provide more details about the dinner in due course.

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We have created an online survey to encourage you to consider the Summit topics before the day. This survey is also a way to have your say if you cannot attend the Summit in person. Fill out the online survey here



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