Meeting in the Middle Forum 2024 (MiM)

We are thrilled to report that our annual “Meeting in the Middle” Forum, jointly hosted by The Hills Montessori School and Southern Montessori School, was a resounding success! Held from 23–26 May, 2024, this special event brought together over 40 educators from Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia, dedicated to enriching Montessori adolescent education. The students played a pivotal role, ensuring the grounds were welcoming and providing delicious meals and snacks for the guests. As attendee Des Reuben noted,

“The four days were brimming with enriching experiences, from sharing professional insights and stories to engaging in meaningful conversations. And let’s not forget the invaluable social downtime, where connections were forged and friendships strengthened. Being surrounded by like-minded progressive educators was truly uplifting and served as a powerful reminder of the importance of continuously refining and enhancing the Montessori approach, particularly in the realm of adolescent education”.

The dedication to advancing our educational practices was genuinely inspiring. As we reflect on the transformative power of these connections within our community, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all who attended and helped organise this successful event. Special thanks go to our gracious hosts, The Hills Montessori School and Southern Montessori School. 

We eagerly await MiM 2025 in Melbourne, promising more innovative discussions and collaborative opportunities!


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