Update regarding NAPLAN for Montessori schools

Throughout July and august of 2021. MSCA surveyed its 33 member schools regarding their preference for the method in which NAPLAN is to be delivered to our students. The feedback from this survey clearly highlighted that Montessori schools vary on their opinions about a paper-based or online option for the various year groups and about which year groups would benefit most from accessing either an online or paper-based NAPLAN test.
As a result of this feedback, MSCA sent correspondence to each state association of independent schools and each states educational authority requesting an option for exemption from the move to online NAPLAN testing in years 3, 5, 7 and 9 for 2022 and beyond. MSCA would like to thank Bronwyn Hope. Principal or Beehive Montessori School in Western Australia for her compilation of the background research and formulation of the letter that was sent to these governing bodies. The letter requested that the decision of delivery of NAPLAN be school-based. She also outlined that montessori philosophy is to "follow the child" and as such each montessori school should make this decision based on the best interest of their student cohort.

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