Parent Guide for Ages 6-12


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Our Parent Guides serve as a detailed reference document for parents about the Montessori pedagogy and genuine practice across each stage or cycle. The Guides are available to purchase as A5 sized, high-quality, professionally-printed booklets or as a free, digital download for our members.

The Parent Guides will help current or prospective parents better understand Montessori education, helping them find answers to their questions about the Montessori approach.

For example, the Parent Guide for Ages 3-6 contains three sections comprising questions relating to the Learning Community, Learning Environment, and Montessori Adults.

Each question lists:

  • The Essential Elements; provided to help parents better understand what Montessori can offer their children;
  • What it looks like; examples of how the essential element may ‘look’ in practice;
  • Questions to ask Montessori staff; example questions that parents could ask;
  • Questions to ask yourself; by observing in a Montessori school/centre, parents can answer some questions themselves.

Additional Montessori Parent Guides for ages Birth-3, 6-12, and 12-18 are in development. Please check our website for updates on their availability.


Providing parents with this deep Montessori knowledge as early as possible helps increase their engagement with and commitment to choosing Montessori for their family.

It also helps parents become advocates for your school or centre and Montessori education as a whole.


Possible ways to use the Parent Guides include:

  • As a follow-up document for prospective parents after a tour;
  • Insert a copy with your prospectus or welcome pack for new families;
  • Have copies available on Open Days or in welcome bags;
  • Educators can use the Guides for planning parent education.
  • Include a QR code or URL link to the digital copy in your marketing materials.
  • Any other way you choose!

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