Montessori Sports is a strategic partner of AMI and builds upon the philosophical connection between the Montessori philosophy and working with children in sports. The Montessori environment is perfect for enhancing the enormous benefits that sport may offer!

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Why Montessori and Sports?

The lack of movement is one of the biggest threats to health in modern societies. Physical activity is imperative to overcome this threat.

Montessori is an interest-based educational philosophy. With more than 6 billion people interested in sports, it is universal in its appeal to children. Montessori Sports sparks this interest to enhance the overall development of children.

Sports offers a prepared environment to enhance the physical, emotional and spiritual development of children, provided that it is designed and maintained using Montessori principles.

Strategic partner of AMI

Founded in 1929 by the pioneering scientist and educator, Maria Montessori, AMI is the globally recognised authority on Montessori education and research, applying authentic Montessori principles in education and humanitarian work.

After years of cooperation and successful pilots Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and Montessori Sports decided to establish a strategic partnership to develop a Montessori curriculum for sports education and to establish a Montessori Sports Fund (MSF) to bring Montessori education to sports-loving under-resourced communities. Read more about this partnership here.

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The Fundamentals Course has now launched!