The Montessori Potential

By Paula Lillard Preschlack

The Montessori Potential should be handed to everyone who has ever asked, ‘But how does Montessori work in practice and why?’ Paula makes the Montessori approach easy to digest, shares her wisdom and experience, and delights the reader with stories of real children and families to bring the ideas to life. A beautifully comprehensive book on how the Montessori approach applies to all ages of children and how we can make Montessori accessible to all.”

Simone Davies, author of The Montessori Toddler and coauthor of The Montessori Baby.

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Children’s future successes depend on developing the abilities to innovate, be resilient in the face of their mistakes, problem-solve creatively, and collaborate with peers effectively.

However, standard American [and Australian] educational practices—stressing memorization, grades, and testing—are failing to foster these skills. There is one complete system of education that effectively supports the natural development of such essential abilities: Montessori.

Montessori education expert Paula Lillard Preschlack offers a clear explanation of how the Montessori approach helps children. By looking closely at authentic Montessori practices, she shows the tight correlation between the Montessori system in action and children practising and strengthening the very traits they will need for adulthood.

When implemented properly, Montessori can ensure positive outcomes for generations of children—The Montessori Potential shows exactly how this is done in private and public schools, and at home.

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